This shoot is one of my top favorites so far! I met Jordan and Chloe through Instagram super randomly and I'm so thankful that this day happened because now they are really good friends of mine. You know when you meet people and you just feel like you've known them your whole life, well thats exactly how it was with these two. 

Chloe and Jordan are both amazing musicians as well as missionaries and so they decided to release a three song EP to help fund their trip to Nicaragua this summer. This photoshoot ended up being the album cover shoot for that EP which is so awesome! 

We decided to head to the Seattle Volunteer Park Conservatory and make a whole day out of it and just have fun exploring around that area. Shoutout to Tawny who styled this whole shoot and came along to assist! Couldn't have done it without her honestly. I've never done a brother sister duo shoot before, so I channeled some Pyper America and Lucky Blue inspiration from Pinterest and I love how it turned out. 

Chloe and Jordan, thanks for being amazing people and bomb models. Love you guys. 

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*Behind the scenes of how a shoot actually goes down. Check out their awesome modeling skills featuring a giant camel*

STYLED BY: Tawny >
Models: Jordan Obaya, Chloe Obaya
Location: Seattle Volunteer Park Conservatory